Lamphey Primary School Governing Body

Lamphey Primary School Governing Body

The Governing Body meets regularly and comprises of several sub committees, e.g. finance, buildings, curriculum, appointments, performance management, complaints etc.

Estyn Report 2011 ‘The governing body supports and challenges the school effectively. The long-standing chair understands the school well, provides sound support to the Headteacher and keeps a close eye on financial matters. The governing body conducts its business very diligently and meets its statutory obligations.’

The Annual Report

The Governing Body’s Annual Report is circulated to all parents and clearly details the developments that have taken place throughout the school over the previous academic year.


  • (ANNUAL REPORT 2015-16)

Members of the Governing Body

Chair of Governors

  • Mr John Lewis MBE (Chairperson)

Headteacher Representative

  •  Mr S. Thomas

Local Authority Representatives

  • Cllr. Tessa Hodgson

Community Representatives

  • Mrs Sian Rees
  • Mrs Pat Parkhurst
  • Mrs Rebecca Evans
  • Mr Clive Collins

Parent Governors 

  • Mrs Tricia Henry
  • Mrs Michelle Workman
  • Mr Huw John
  • Mr David Thompson

Staff Representative

  • Mrs Sarah Roblin

Teacher Representative

  • Miss Donna Campbell