Meet the Staff

At Lamphey Primary School we have a committed, dedicated and talented team of staff who always put  ‘Children First’ and go that extra mile on a daily basis to make sure the children are able to reach their full potential . Their quality of work and wonderful pastoral support is of a very high standard and is frequently recognised and praised by visitors to our school. We are very grateful for their hard work and the high standard of teaching and learning they provide for our children. ‘The staff should feel proud of the way in which they are helping to shape the lives of their pupils……’ All our staff are committed to their own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through attending regular training courses by a variety of providers. Their performance is regularly monitored through our rigorous management process to ensure our staff are fully skilled and equipped with the most up-to-date training. Our weekly staff meetings are focused on school improvement and regularly contain an element of training and sharing good practice. The staff working at the school in January 2017 as follows:

Nursery and Reception

    • (Ages: 3 -4 Years, Ages: 4-5 Years)
 Reception Teacher Mrs A. Mc Gilloway Nursery Leader Miss E Alborn Learning Support Assistants Miss  L. Elliot-James Miss B. Power (pm) Mrs C Butland Mrs M Eddison Mrs L Williams

Class 1

    • (Ages:  5-6 Years)
Teacher Miss A. Lewis Learning Support Assistants Mrs D. Cook

Class 2

    • (Ages: 6-7 Years)
Teacher Mrs N Williams Learning Support Assistants Miss A Bennett

Class 3

    • (Ages: 7-8 Years)
Teacher Mrs D. Jones

Class 4

    • (Ages: 8-9)
Teacher Mr R.Price Learning Support Assistants Mrs A. Russell/ Mrs M. Llewellyn

Class 5

    • (Ages: 9-10 Years)
Teacher Miss C Pegg

Class 6

    • (Ages: 10-11 Years)
Teacher Mrs M Thomas (Deputy Headteacher) Key Stage 2  Learning Support Staff Mrs R Williams

Administrative Staff

    • Mrs S Roblin

School meals clerk

    • Mrs D Cook

Caretaker & cleaner

    • Miss K Berridge, Caretaker/Cleaner
    • Mrs M Bowmer, Cleaner

School clerk

    • Mrs A Howells

Catering assistants

    • Mrs O Palmer

Lunchtime supervisors

    • Mrs R Smith
    • Mrs S Evans
    • Miss L Elliott-James
    • Mrs D Cook
    • Miss C Phillips

Breakfast club staff

    • Mrs O Palmer
    • Mrs R Smith
    • Mrs D Cook
    • Mrs R Williams

After schools club

    • Mrs R Williams
    • Mrs C Butland
    • Mrs M Bowmer
    • Mrs M Eddison
    • Mrs D Cook

Road Crossing Patrol

    • Lindsey Elliot-James