Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is fundamental to life at Lamphey Primary School. We have an active learning approach and use our grounds effectively and the local environment to enhance curriculum experiences. The school garden is a wonderful resource for environmental studies and personal and social education.

We have a well developed conservation area and nature garden complete with willow maze, wildlife meadow, woodland and orchard.

We were one of the first accredited Outdoor School in Pembrokeshire. The definition of an Outdoor School is as follows:

An ‘Outdoor School’ teaches its pupils to become fully engaged with, and confident in, their local outdoor environment. Through regular visits to their local outdoor areas the children develop a strong sense of well-being and high levels of physical activity. They acquire a useful knowledge of ecology and sustainability and develop communication skills by sharing this knowledge with others as well as developing literacy and numeracy skills in an outdoor context.’

Our Headteacher, Mr. S. Thomas who originally thought of and developed the idea is now part of a team of experts who continue to develop the Outdoor Schools project throughout Pembrokeshire and beyond. Although Lamphey Primary School was one of the first Outdoor School in Pembrokeshire there are now many located throughout Pembrokeshire, Wales and across the border in England.

We carry out numerous outdoor learning activities in our beautiful and well developed school grounds. In addition, we regularly take children to Stackpole Beach, Bosherston Lily Ponds and Freshwater East which is our designated Outdoor Schools areas. We are very proud of our commitment to using the outdoors to enhance learning and the children clearly gain so much from it.