School Uniform

Our children take great pride in wearing the school uniform which consists of gold polo shirts, red sweatshirts, and grey trousers/skirts all bearing the school logo. Many benefits of wearing uniform have been clearly identified. These include better discipline and pride in the school and a greater sense of identity and belonging within the school community. There is also less competition between children in terms of what they wear to school, and there are no disagreements between parents and children about what a child should wear to school. To ensure lost items of clothing are returned quickly to their rightful owners we recommended that you ask for your child’s initials to be printed onto the sleeve of their clothes. Please do help us by marking all garments, P.E. kits, shoes etc with your child’s name.

Purchasing the Lamphey School Uniform

Items with the Lamphey logo can be purchased from St Brides Bay Clothing, Tees R Us or any other supplier of the parents/carers choice. In addition to uniform other items are also available e.g. caps, reading bags etc. are sold all emblazoned with the Lamphey School logo.  Red sweatshirts and gold polo shirts that are unbranded can be worn.

All children are expected to wear school uniform when representing the school in various competitions, concerts and open days.


Sensible shoes are the preferred option to be worn. We would ask that you exercise restraint in the type of footwear your child wears. High-heeled shoes and /or Crocs can be a safety hazard and, therefore, are not allowed.


If earrings must be worn to school, they must be restricted to small ‘stud’ or ‘sleeper’ type. These should be removed before P.E. and Games as there have been some nasty accidents documented where children have suffered torn ear lobes. All other jewellery is discouraged in the interests of safety and to avoid problems if an item is lost.

Second Hand Uniform

We have a very good collection and selection of second hand school uniform which is sold very reasonably at school. Please telephone the school office and make an arrangement to select the required items.

Games/PE Kit

We encourage parents to make sure that their children have the correct PE kit i.e. T-Shirts, shorts (black or navy) and appropriate footwear. During the colder months we recommended that tracksuits should be worn for team and outside games.’